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         We Studio 3, a fully integrated advertising agency with unified capabilities in advertising, strategic planning, direct response, digital, data analytics, design and branded content. Our strength lies not in a type of account, category or even a style of work. Our strength is our ability to help brands find and tap into new energy. Energy that fuels growth, powers big ideas and breathes new life into the relationship between the brand and consumers. We have created new energy for brands across industries. Studio3 creates advertising at the intersection of technology, design, culture, and brand stories. We help brands build loyalty, authenticity, and love. We are uniquely equipped to provide the campaign strategy and creative that will get results for your business. We believe that great work is something conceived, nurtured, produced and evaluated together. We discuss with our clients to get their inputs and we work together as a team to determine what they need. Call it integration, collaboration or teamwork and we simply call it as the everyday practice of studio3.

Our Advertising services includes,

  • TV Commercials
  • Roadshows / Sign Boards
  • NEON/LED Board Displays
  • Newspaper/ Magazine Print Ad's
  • Wallscape Erections / Hoardings
  • Digital Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media Marketing

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